Hi there and welcome to my site about home organization. So, about me…My name is Laurie and I’ve created this site to help people simplify their lives, as I have mine, by having an organized home.

I’m a single mom to an amazing daughter. But being a single mom left me with a lot to do and very little time. I realized the importance of being organized and it’s made my hectic life so much simpler and manageable.

After learning the benefits of being organized, I started seeing how organization could benefit those around me from family and friends to co-workers. I would see people suffering and knowing the solution—home organization—I would volunteer my services to help get their homes organized. Once my “victims” were organized, they were amazed at how much simpler their lives were.

I want this simpler lifestyle for everyone because an organized home really does contribute to simplicity and peace of mind. Where there’s a way, there’s a will—I’m here to help you with both!

No matter what your personal circumstances to your disorganized state, whether it’s because you’re too busy or not motivated, etc., my mission is to help you with home organization and improve your life!


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